Friday, June 4, 2010

Card making FRENZY!

I've been loving card making lately! The problem is, it doesn't come naturally to me. Each one takes about 4 hours of arranging, rearranging, looking at pictures, rearranging.........I think it's a good thing I don't do this for a living. $40.00 for a card?!?! Not going to happen. I think handmade cards are WAY undervalued!!! And I am so glad some of you ladies sell beautiful cards for the times I know I don't have time to struggle thru my own. Like this great picture card I bought for Father's Day. I am going to fill it with pics of Dad and I thru the years. Thanks Deb!


Here are some I've made recently. I had alot going on in May and June!

Anyway, I think they turned out pretty well and it's always fun! Now, have a great weekend!


The Hillbilly Housewife said...

I think they are pretty, but they are costly!! My daughter just bought a cricut yesterday and we made shower invitations for her friend. They turned out plain, but we had no idea how much work the cricut would be on all that lettering, and we ran out of time! Anyway, nice job...and I guess we will be learning how to make them too!

Annette said...

Your cards turned out beautiful! I would love to try my hand at it but it wouldn't come naturally to me either! Kudos to you for doing it anyway!

Sachiko said...

Hi, thank you for stopping by and leaveing nice comment on my blog! I love the cards you made, my favorite is the red and green one. :)