Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Definition of Downsizing??

Cleaning out closets, finally giving away the favorite outfit you’ll really never wear again.No matter how many times you try it on, it is still hideous! Ok, let it go. The shoes you love and had to buy, they are so beautiful! Everytime you put them on, you can’t walk to the front door without wincing in pain and turning around to change into your comfortable old standbys.
I think its that time of life. Looking towards retirement. Just not wanting to deal with dusting or storing it anymore. And the thought of someday packing and moving it all to the “Condo”….UGH!
So this year we downsized the 8 foot Christmas tree. We actually made the decision last year when my husband and I ended up in traction, trying to lift it and put it away. My son gladly took it for his first new home and we bought a little 4 footer. Cute, easy to handle. After I realized I gave away half of the ornaments to the kids ( in a downsizing mood), I only have enough left to cover a 4 footer anyway!

Then my friend, Ann, and I went shopping. I found a pretty little pitcher that goes nicely with my collection, and I finished my place settings of my favorite rustic red dishes a purchased a few years ago.

As I proudly showed showed my husband my new purchases, he innocently asked "what  happened to downsizing?" Downsizing?? What does that really mean? I guess it's all in the was you look at it. Maybe its just a way of making room to add to the things you really love. Keeping only the things you truely enjoy, and praying that someday they will all fit into that "Condo".......


Christie Cottage said...

I am working on the closets :-)

The tree... well 3 years ago I splurged and bought a tree I wanted that is prelit, 7.5 feet tall and slendor. I decorated for the last time, wiring each ornament on the branches. I store it in one of the walk-in closets. The big around tree went to someone who needed a big, full tree.

It is hard downsizing, but then you find something you bought stored away and can use it now that you can reach it!

Happy clearing out!

debi said...

A walk in closet sounds wonderful!! we have an old ranch with little closets and a small 2 car garage, storage is at a premium! Thanks for writing! debi

Tea said...

I finally, (more than a decade later) got rid of some dresses from back in my high school days. I decided to be ruthless this year! I ended up with 5 bags for donation, and my closet still looks full, but I feel a lot lighter ;)