Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The adventures of a "fifty something" in cyberspace...

What a year this has been! In April, I was laid off from a job I had had for almost four years. I decided to use the newly found time to concentrate on selling handbags I have been making. Little did I know all that would be involved in the world of cyberspace selling!! I had a few bags in a boutique store that were selling well. It is definitely easier to sell when your product can be touched and held in your hand, but the money aspect is not great when you consign. So I made the plunge into Etsy. Mind you, I am by no means an internet savvy youngster! I studied the site, studied my camera directions,(once I found them), studied blogging,....My head was exploding.. I set up my studio, my office, paypal, twitter, facebook, UGH... My old laptop crashed, my car was in the shop for 3 WEEKS, my camera broke. Sometimes I even found time to sew! There were times when I wondered if it was all worth it..  I never worked so hard for absolutely no pay! But I had way too much support from some good friends and family to quit!
I finally got everything in order and pressed the Etsy button, not knowing what would happen next. But there it was!! My store. It was pretty exciting. I lurked in the forums gleaning information about how to promote, how to sell, etc.etc. Then I got my first sale. It was custom, none the lest! I was terrified! But thanks to a wonderful, fellow Etsian, (and great jewelry artist),  Heather, who walked me through every step of the way, I completed my first sale and learned soooo much! I'll be eternally grateful for all the help she provided me, not to mention promoting my store.!
There is still so much to learn. First on my list is bookeeping. It is a mess right now. I'm still working on my cards, banner, and "branding".
It's going to be a great year though.With my business slowly growing, I can finally concentrate on my bags. I have so many ideas that I want to implement, I can hardly wait to start! There is still so much to learn, don't even get me started on Googleantics!! (or whatever it's called). Cyberspace.....not for the faint of heart...or "fifty-something" brains!! It's been quite a ride, that I've actually really enjoyed, and "it ain't over yet"!
I hope all of us have a great new year ahead!!!


Christie Cottage said...

Wishing you 2010 sales in 2010! Now wouldn't that be great!

Happy New Year!

debi said...

I'm sure I couldn't get close to making that many bags!!!!!!! But thanks for the good wishes!LOL! Happy New Year to you!