Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Stocking Tutorial

I’ve decided to make some new Christmas stockings this year after my son suggested that I make and sell them on etsy. Well that didn’t happen! I made them for my kids instead! So in case you guys are looking…….STOP! (like they ever do!, look that is!) Anyway, the last time I made them stockings, I think they were about 6 years old. They are in their 20’s now, with new homes, so its about time for new ones.
Stockings are easy to make, if you sew at all, so I’ll just give some simple ideas. First, make a template of your size and style. I just did a basic shape.IMG_1747
Cut out your fabric. Decide a basic design theme before you sew the two sides together. Decorate the front of the stocking. I did a button initial on this one.
Then I sewed it to the front of the stocking with a decorative stitch.


Finish your decorating and sew the two sides together and zigzag the edges. Next step is the cuff. Using the original pattern, decide the cuff style and cut to fit the pattern. Sew side seams together and turn right side out.

Now, turn the stocking inside out, pin the IMG_1754cuff, RIGHT side down, and sew on.

Turn the whole thing right side out, and voila!! A beautiful stocking! Finish decorating to your hearts content! This glue is great.
Here are my finished stockings.Get sewing, I’d love to see what you’ve come up with!



cabin + cub said...

Cute stockings! I like how each one is so personalized.
I want to make some, but I think my sewing skills are a bit limited. :)

Tea said...

These would make a great gift too!

Angie said...

I love these! So much nicer than the fuzzy red ones we have now. My granddaughter mentioned wanting a new stocking (not sure why, she has at least 3 already!) .. maybe I'll do this for grandma and grandpas house next year.

debi said...

I got to use some upholstery fabrics that wouldn't make good bags, so it worked out great!