Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Precious memories and empty reminders...

Another precious, whirlwind trip has come and gone. It is so sad to see the empty bed and high chair that will be packed away until the next visit. The spilled snacks and blocks spread out on the floor, is the only evidence left of my grandson's presence here.

Jake, Cori and Alex are starting the last leg of their move, from Portland to Albuquerque. A grueling 3 day drive with 2 cars, the cat and a 13 month old baby. I can't say I envy them. What was a 2 hour total, visiting trip, will now turn into about 5 hours and make them a little fewer in between. I will miss them all so much! (I already do) Jake is taking such good care of his family, securing their future with a great new job! The three of them against the world! I am so proud of them all! In a few months they will be settled in and exploring the new landscape and enjoying new adventures together, and I can't wait to visit again. Until then, daily routines settle back to "normal" around here and life goes on........Thank God for memories like these:
sharing lunch
smelling flowers 
and laughter!
 Until next time, I love you!!!!     XOXOXOX  Grandma

This is determination!

We should all be this determined to succeed in our lives! LOL!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Studio insights

I have been having so much fun making fabric flowers and pins lately! I actually sold two of them recently, which is always satisfying!
in the works
for sale on Etsy
For sale on Etsy (on a handbag)   

I also made a prototype for a new handbag, inspired by a design I saw at Anthropologie. I moved a grommet and messed it up, so, awww geee, I had to keep this one. LOL!
Now that I have it figured out, I will be making a few more. I think the design and fabric is cute for summer, what do you think? Got to go clean the house and cook now. We are getting ready for my daughter's visit on their way to the move to Albuquerque on Sunday. See you later!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Best chicken EVER!! - really!!

Mother's Day was wonderful again this year! Hopefully for all of you too! Since my daughter is out of state, my son has taken over the get togethers. That is how we come to the title, Tom made the best chicken I have ever tasted, and, really, I am a good cook!

 The recipe:

boneless, skinless chicken breasts
a handful of each, fresh and finely chopped:
bell pepper
In a large dish, add a few TBLS of olive oil and half of the above ingredients. Lay down chicken, salt and pepper to taste. He used alot of black pepper, which was great! Turn the chicken pieces over and top with the remaining herbs. Start the grill. Grill chicken on each side, until the inner temp is 165*. This part is essential for a done and juicy piece of chicken. (He uses an instant thermometer, with a timer.) Let it rest for a few minutes and slice and eat. You won't care about side dishes! The best chicken EVER! Good job, my son!


my Mother's Day flowers

It was so relaxing, we listened to a ton of music, had a few beers and ate. Thanks, Tom...I love you! (you, too,Cori).

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My "i heart macro" of the week

studio waterstone

I finally got it together this week so I could participate in Studio Waterstone "I heart Macro"
photos. This picture is the bubbles from a freshly poured cup of coffee. It was a bit challenging, everytime I got close, my camera lens steamed up from the heat! It took a bit of retakes, but I finally got it.

Be sure to check out her blog, it is one of the best out there!! And don't forget to enter your macro picture!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time flies when you're having...........

Sometimes there are so many little things going on in life that nothing sounds too interesting to share. Then all of a sudden you realize you haven't blogged for awhile and should have shared, now there is too much to choose from and it's just all too confusing!! hahaha..... so here's what's been going on:

Had new steps put in the front yard. They are done, but now I have to figure out how to make it all look finished! I think I need to add a railing and stain the concrete and replace the dirt so I can plant stuff. Good, another project!!

I had a great custom order for 9 lunch totes:

I've also been training for a new job the last few weeks.(hence the mental overload!) I'm finally figuring that all out. I am working in Customer Service, doing returns and counting money and signing EVERYTHING I do. It is really busy and I like how fast the time goes.
The biggest piece of news is that my son-in-law got a great new job! Unfortunately they have to move from Portland, (an hour plane ride away) to Albuquerque ( at least 4 hours, NO nonstop flight away). A wonderful new opportunity and adventure, but the travel time really stinks!!!! They will be stopping by for a few days on their way down, in a few weeks. How I miss this adorable little face!

Today, I will be planting a zillion flowers around my patio, for the big BBQ we will have while they are visiting! (as soon as I finish my coffee). AND, even though I've been a bit quiet, I read and enjoy all of your fabulous blogs!! I am glad most of you are so consistently writing!!