Friday, July 2, 2010

Leather Flower Tutorial

Ok, this one is for Lori! Lori is a wonderful fellow blogger (and yes, MY girl crush). You must read her posts to see that this is not as weird as it sounds!! Anyway, Lori has TWO very entertaining blogs you MUST visit! and . She also makes fabulous handbags - don't look, don't look - and beautiful jewelry - Ok, look -  available in her Etsy shop . She is funny, soooo talented and a great inspiration to all she knows! After all, who knew you could seal and curl the edges of leather with a lighter? Lori not only knew, but was willing to share the info with me!  So this tutorial is dedicated to her! Here goes:

First, cut a flower shape out of leather, like this:  

( I pulled a finished one apart, thats glue in the middle). Now take a lighter and singe the edges, keeping in mind each type of leather will melt and burn differently. Next, put leather glue or  "loctite super glue" in the middle, and fold in half. Hold for a little bit until the glue holds. 

Repeat and fold in half again:

It will look like this:

Finish by adding leaves and stamens of your choice, and voila - a great flower! 

Have fun and don't forget to link your creations in your comments. We all want to see how creative you can get with this idea! And thanks, Lori!


stitchntyme said...

I love this flower! So unique, awesome how you used the leather for the leaves and stamens.


debi said...

Thanks Carly!

Lori said...

By gobs! (as my dear old dad would say) I am truly honored. That flower looks better than any flower I've ever made. lol. So look who's girl crushing now! You're a sweetie.

Annette said...

What a cool flower! I never would have thought of doing that!

Tea said...

Oh that turned out beautifully! With the stamens and leaves it looks complete.

T @ Poppy Place said...

Who Knew, that is a lovely flower :)

Thanks for stopping by, off to visit Lori's too!

Have a wonderful weekend, :) T.

debi said...

Thanks, ladies! Isn't blog sharing the best?!!

kantuta said...

Linda propuesta de flor en cuero, gracias mil por el tutorial.