Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great new blog!!


I'm going to be the unbiased (really) but braggy Mom. My daughter started a blog. It was only a matter of time, really. Cori has always had a real talent for writing. She wrote a wonderful newsletter for her friends, back in high school, with movie reviews and the like. Once she started a romance novel. My Mom and I read the few chapters Cori  had written and were enthralled, couldn't wait to read more. Well, she had moved on to other things and never finished it, we were left hanging!!! Bummer!
Cori got the "gene" from my Dad, Bill. 

Oscar the Grouch

My Dad wrote alot in his day, he especially loved poems. Sure do miss him. He died about 5 years ago and would have been so proud of Cori AND her biggest fan. (As I am). She wrote a beautiful memorial to him on her blog.
Most of you know, she has my first grandchild. So, appropriately, it is called "Adventures in Alexland".
 Her blog is highly recommended by the best judge in the world, me, her Mom! Check it out here: http://sayhellotoyourmotherforme.blogspot.com/  You'll be glad you did!!


Annette said...

I checked it out and it's a wonderful blog indeed. Alex is just precious!!

debi said...

Thanks for looking, Annette!