Friday, November 19, 2010

Custom order FINISHED!!!

I had a great custom order to work on and finally finished! My customer had some fabric she wanted me to use for sentimental reasons.  Its actually harder, having a little freedom, than making something just to please ME! I really agonized over this, hoping she liked the ideas I came up with. I'll be delivering the order this afternoon, wish me luck!!! Here are the pics

All 5 bags (the tote on the bottom left is reversible)

Leather pocket and flower parts

Kids lunch totes with Chalkboard fabric for personal messages

The tote is the reverse side                                                        

 I delivered the order halfway thru writing this, and she was really pleased! She ordered 2 Christmas stockings and an I- phone bag too! Thank you, Lee and Marie!
Back to work...........


Annette said...

LOVE them!!!! The lunch totes with chalkboard fabric are too cute!!!

debi said...

Thanks, Annette!

Lori said...

Love the one with the flowers. They're adorable.