Monday, December 13, 2010

For YOU, Mom!!

Mom mentioned that I have not posted anything in a while. Besides being busy, (like everyone this time of year), I've had some stupid health issues, although minor, that have pulled me into a mild depression. More about that later......So here is some of what I've been doing lately:

another custom order   

gift for a friend   

Don't use double sided tape for these!!!
I'm getting ready for my grandson and his family, who are going to be here for Christmas, YAY! So back to decorating, cleaning, cooking and wrapping presents, and, yes, I have more shopping to do !
I also have to figure out which camera I want for Christmas, (thank you, hubby)! Mine is finally losing it! Any suggestions would be great! I have loved my Cannon power shot for the last 6 years, but it is time....
 Until next time, have a great Holiday season! Love you Mom!


Annette said...

Oooooh I love all the buttons on the first stocking!! I understand about health issues and depression...I hope you're feeling better!! Lucky you getting a new camera. I have a Sony DSC-W290 and I'm really happy with it except for the macro feature.

Janine --- Foxtail Creek Studio said...

All of your creations are just gorgeous Debi! I especially love all the textures in the 'create' heart pretty.
Wishing you good health and happiness for the New Year ♥

Lori said...

Beautiful work, Debi. Have a very Merry Christmas!