Friday, September 25, 2009

Did I say something about neat??

When I said my room would never be neat again, I never expected this!!!! We got new carpet this week and everything was piled into my sewing room. I couldn't even get in the door!! Needless to say, I haven't been sewing -again....... Never ending interruptions...Between trying to figure out google this and etsy hacks that (I actually figured those out, way cool by the way) and blogging, hopefully I will get some new bags made soon!


Hannah said...

We had the same problem a few months ago when we got new flooring in our tiny, one bedroom flat. Luckily we had the foresight to send our crazy Cocker Spaniel to kennels for a couple of days- I don't think I could have handled him running around all the mess!

debi said...

At least everything gets a thorough cleaning out of the deal! Good timing, not too far from the holidays.