Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chalk Cloth Instructions

I have added " Personalize your own lunch totes" as an alternative to an actual custom  bag. I did a custom (see Ann's Fit for Life) for a friend, but found it hard to do on the internet. Since I use alot of fabric samples, I only have one of a kind fabrics, for the most part. After much research, I found chalk cloth. It is fairly new and rather hard to find, but I think it is a fun alternative! It allows you to write your own, erasable message, drawings, or whatever YOU want!! So here are the instructions!
1- Read the directions on your pen, there are each alittle different. Some clean off with water, others with window cleaner.
2-Shake well, depress tip on scrap paper until the paint flows well. Then write your message, draw, have fun! Make sure it is completely dry, takes about 5 minutes. The shine will be completely gone. The paint will not rub off at this point.
3- To clean off, rub with a damp cloth, or spray window cleaner on cloth and rub off, depending on the brand of pen used.

 The chalk pens also come in colors. I found those at Micheals. This brand wipes off with water.
Regular chalk can also be used (hence the name chalkcloth)! The cloth should be prepared by chalking the fabric completely and wiping off twice. Keep in mind, the chalk will of course rub off on clothes.

So there you go!! I have included a white chalk pen with each Personalize it lunch tote I sell, as they are very hard to find. They would make a great give to a teacher- draw an apple on it, for a co-worker-with her name, for your kids-write their lunch menu for the day or team support hoots!
These are fairly new, let me know what you think!!!    debi


cutethings6 said...

Hi Debi! So glad to meet you!
Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's so nice to meet a fellow midwesterner! I'll bet you don't miss the snow though, speaking of which, we had a little last night-brrrrrr!!
At least it's not the frozen tundra right?

Well I just want to say that I LOVE your bags, and what a clever idea for the lunch bags! Keep up the good work. I'll check often and see what's new with you.

Congrats on the grandbaby, and have a safe trip!

courtney said...

chalk cloth - that's so cool!