Friday, October 2, 2009

Creation Frustration!!

It's been a busy week. Very good, but very frustrating at the same time! I decided to take a break from making handbags and start making pillow covers for awhile. I've been promising my daughter to make a new one for her to go with some beautiful "Anthropology" pillows she picked up earlier this I finally got that,almost, done. Thank goodness she loves it. I am still looking for the perfect buttons to finish it off. You would think out of the millions of buttons I have, I could find a few.....but no! (First unfinished project.) Then, I found out a great idea for personalizing the lunch totes I make, ran all over town looking for the fabric. No one heard of it and I had to send for it. (second delay). I am going to start doing a few tutorials, first one on some gorgeous handmade flowers that I learned to make at the fabric store. My son couldn't find my tripod!! Need it to free my hands while I take pics of the steps. (Third unfinished idea). Also waiting for pillow forms for the new pillows. Whats a mother to do!!!
Here are some teaser pictures in the mean time. I'll try to post the directions by next Friday.
This week Sacramento decided to turn into Fall! The temperature from over 100* on Sunday to the 70's this week. It is beautiful, perfect weather!! I live within walking distance to the American River, I am so lucky!! When the kids were little, we would have picnics and swim. My old dog used to love it too. (She sadly died a few months ago at the ripe old age of 17) Hopefully, I am going to do a photo shot with my son's girlfriend tomorrow on the bridge. It should be great! I will definitely share!
Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully I'll wrap up some work next week!


Tea said...

Those cushions and flowers look wonderful! I'm looking forward to the tutorial ;)

Lori said...

Wow, your work is gorgeous! I've hearted several items in your shop. Looking forward to reading more of your blog as well. :)

debi said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments! Tea..your flowers are beautiful!!! I am slowly learning how to make them to add to purses and pillows. I wish you would teach ME! Lori..your blog is so inspiring!! love it!