Monday, August 30, 2010

Home again!!!

Well, we made it back from Arizona, safe, sound, and freed from quite a bit of pain! It was a week full of tests, 129* weather, monsoons, a little relaxation and spinal surgery. Crazy!! That laser surgery is one huge, short of a miracle, procedure. We would highly recommend checking out the Laser Spine Institute to anyone suffering with back problems. My husband is resting for the next week or so (and walking)!
The hotel was really beautiful and the food was great! The only complaint was, they charged for internet, by the day!!! I just refused, and used the 10 minute daily free computer in the coffee shop to check etsy and email. I'm still catching up on all your great blogs that I missed all week. Here are some highlights of the trip:

My favorite shady spot for coffee and relaxing the feet!

A little monsoon action off our balcony! There were trees down everywhere!

Flying home through the clouds

Got to get ready for bed, started my new job today. My part time hours are full time for the next two weeks of training, and I was really unprepared!!! I don't want to be the next candidate for back surgery!! I was kinda planning on easing into this working stuff , oh well. Until next time.......


Lori said...

So glad to hear you're both back and that the surgery went well. I know it's a relief to have that behind you.

It truly sucks when a hotel doesn't have free wi-fi. I mean, really, what century are they living in???

Good luck with the job.

Pat said...

Good to see you back and to hear hubby is walking! Cloud nine.. :)

Cori said...

yay! grandma's back online!