Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Personal Ramblings......and needed prayers

It all started the week my sales taxes were due. I knew I had to reorganize my self,  set up a book keeping system and get serious about my work. I was terrified to push that button on the e-file, even though I had taken a seminar at the tax office. I still had know idea of what to expect and was given some wrong info on what I needed to file. I was lucky to have a friend set up some excel pages for me. After stumbling thru the federal returns last April, I had some idea what I needed for that part. Anyway, on my due date, I finally pushed the button to file, and lo and behold, I was stuck after the first imput of numbers!! I called the bureau and a wonderful lady walked me thru the whole process!! It was so much easier than I was led to believe and didn't need some info I thought I did. Whewww.... I think I can get thru the next year!!! WooHoo!
Next on my list, craft fairs, should I or shouldn't I? I'm still on the fence on this one. I might do a small year round venue once or twice a month. In the midst of figuring that out, I unexpectedly landed a part time job. There is going to be a lot of training for that, wish I had a delete button in my brain, like a computer. I could get rid of some old useless info to make room for all the new stuff I need to learn!! It should be fun though, and all the employees I've met seem very nice.
 I also have the opportunity to sell some items to a local gift store. Her style is a little different than what I normally do, so I've been researching some ideas for that.
Most importantly, through all of this, after months of tests and procedures, my husband has finally been scheduled for major back  surgery at the Spinal Laser Institute in Arizona. After much research, this seems to be the quickest recovery and least invasive procedure available. If it all works out, he will finally be relieved of some pain, so he can walk normally again.He has been in a lot of pain for the last few years. (Please pray for us)  We will be there for a week, coming up in about 2 weeks.
While I have really enjoyed blogging, it's been a little hard to concentrate lately. Hopefully, this surgery will go well, and things will fall back into place. (and we can pay the bills! LOL). I will try to keep you posted as things progress. Until then, Happy Blogging!!!  oxox debi


lori vliegen said...

i'm glad that your tax challenges went smoothly.....nothing makes me more nervous than getting in the midst of all of those papers and numbers!!! i'll be praying for you and your husband with his upcoming surgery.....please keep us posted!!! much peace to you.....xox, :))

Pat said...

Prayers being said for your husband. Hope the surgery goes well and he has a good recovery xx