Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alex is 1 year old Today!!!!

Seems like just yesterday we were awaiting the arrival of my first grandchild! Now he is one year old!! He has been a HUGE joy in my life. I have loved every minute of time I get to spend with him, even if it is just on Skype. (I don't know what I would do without that). Tonite we will share birthday cake over the internet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet little grandson!!!!
I have been working like a crazy grandma, making a few things for Alex's birthday. Here they are:

Felt alphabet letters - tutorial coming!

finger puppets - I forgot a pic of Elmo!

And a picture album!

I was in such a hurry to get this stuff in the mail on time, I forgot to take a few pictures. I made an alphabet, drawstring bag to store the letters in, and a finger puppet of Elmo! It was so much fun...I hope you enjoyed Alex's first birthday!!! Grandma Loves you, baby!!! Thank you, Cori and Jacob, for the best gift EVER!!!!!


Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Hi is SO cute! Love all the things you've made - you're a good grandma. :)

debi said...

Thanks, Lori, you're so sweet!!

Angie said...

awwww, how sweet .. brought tears to my eyes! He is the cutest little one year old and a very lucky one to have you for a Grandma. Enjoy your birthday cake!

Annette said...

You really were a busy Grandma! And it is all so cute too! Happy Birthday to Alex!!! Today is my granddaughter's third bday!

debi said...

You are such nice bloggy, FB friends! Thank you! My son-in-law set up SKYPE so both grandparents can join in! It's so cool! I'm making a cake too, (any excuse to have some) LOL!