Monday, February 21, 2011

introducing!!! My Daughter and fellow Bogger

She has been my best friend for a long time, she is a loving wife, she is the mother of my grandson, and now she is a fellow blogger!Her blog is a mixture of craft ideas, home inspiration, and tips for young mothers. Cori recently awarded me with a "Stylish Blogger"  award.(thank you, Cori!) Instead of passing it along, I want to introduce you to her.  Where You Hang Your Heart

1. She was the perfect child. Content, sweet, funny, studious, and mostly non-rebellious. 
Sorry, Cori, I couldn't resist!!!

2. Cori got the gift of writing from my Dad, Bill.She majored in English at Sac State. Cori wrote a great newsletter for her friends in high school, and has a wonderful and interesting writing style that you will love reading!
3. She went to all of her proms with a nice group of girls (that are still friends). And we bought all of her beautiful dresses from an awesome second hand bridal shop that used to be in Old Fair Oaks. She would have gotten her wedding dress there, but it unfortunately burned down.

5. Which leads to the next fact, besides her weakness for Anthropologie (who doesn't love them!) she has always been down-to-earth, thrifty and very responsible.
6. She loves books, and is always reading or taking classes to learn new things. She is taking a painting class,(she is a very good artist) and joined a Mommy's group, learned how to be a great cook, and wants to learn how to sew next! (I'll get her started when I visit next week)! Yay!!!
7. She is a WONDERFUL mommy! (of him)

8. She loves her Starbucks coffee 
    With that said, hop on over to her new blog and enjoy! Where you hang your heart
    I will be visiting her wonderful family in 2 days, can hardly wait!!! Stay tuned for new pics from the great Northwest.


    Pat said...

    Been over and am now a follower.. a very nice blog indeed!
    Must get it from her mom's side of the family :) xx

    debi said...


    Where You Hang Your Heart said...

    Thanks, Mom! Love ya!

    debi said...

    love you too, Sweetie!!!

    Annette said...

    You don't sound like a proud mama at all!! Your daughter sounds like a lovely person and I'm off to read her blog. I'm happy for you to get to go see her and your precious grandson. Have a wonderful time!!

    Jennie said...

    That was very sweet!

    cabin + cub said...

    Ohhh he is sooooo cute... and he looks so much like his mom! ;)