Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chalkcloth banner - tutorial

I noticed that there are alot of banners or buntings available now days. I used to buy the paper ones for different occasions when my kids were young.  Since I've been using chalk cloth in some of my lunch totes, I've come up with a re-usable banner idea I'd like to share. I love chalk cloth. You can use chalk or chalk pens on it, erase and rewrite. Very versatile stuff! This is easy and no sew, if you chose. I sewed.
First of all you need:
  • chalk cloth
  • 2 sided printed fabric (so the back side of project looks good too)
  • fabric glue
  • small grommets
  • hammer
  • string or ribbon
Cut a size or shape of the fabric piece, anything you want. Mine was about 9" x 11". Then cut the same shape about 1" smaller (for the chalkcloth). That way there is a trim of fabric that shows around the chalk cloth.

Now glue the chalk cloth unto the fabric, just around the edges. I found that the glue sometimes showed thru the fabric on the backside, so only glue around the edge of the chalk cloth! When the glue dries, you can add a decoratvie stitch around the edge if you like. (look close and you can see the glue marks on this one)


Then I added grommets on the top so I could thread string or ribbon through the banners to hang it.

Now you have a great re-usable banner for any announcement. The back side can be used for blank spaces because it has a print on it! Fun for parties or birth announcements, or Holidays! With St. Patrick's Day and Mothers Day and Easter coming up, you'll be using these alot. Have fun making your own!  (in my archives you will find a tutorial on how to prep chalk cloth and use the pens)

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Lori said...

Super cute! I'll have to store that one away. (saving the post in my favorites). :)

Have a great weekend.