Friday, March 12, 2010

Going AWOL....or temporary insanity?

Well, the next few days will be spent tying up lose ends and packing for an undetermined length of time up in Portland. As some of you know, we are anxiously waiting the birth of the new grandbaby, due the end of March. I got the call today that my daughter needs me now..She needs me! She really, really needs me! Ok, Sally, calm down! I'm so excited to be going up there and will keep you posted, I should have a contest guessing the birth date....I've been having such a hard time concentrating on anything, lately, though. I can't even imagine how my daughter is feeling. Maybe with two half functioning brains working together, we can get things calm and ready! Anyway, I probably won't be posting again till sometime next week and wanted you all to know why.  One more thing, I am planning on keeping the Etsy store open. My husband has volunteered to send out any orders that come in (shouldn't be too hard, haven't had any as of late). So I hope I can get that all ready for him! (and pray he can do it right) LOL!
Wish us luck! Talk to you all soon.


lori vliegen said...

have a great trip.....i KNOW that your daughter will be so happy to have you there with her!! sending lots of good thoughts your way for a happy, healthy delivery of your sweet grandbaby!!! :))

debi said...

Thank you Lori!! I appreciate it!

GracedLace said...

Best of everything to all of you! How exciting!