Friday, February 5, 2010

The last "Before Grandchild" visit

Lake Oswego, Oregon - So beautiful up here!

Hope to be here this weekend, to meet some of my fellow etsians!

As most of you know,  this is my last weekend visit with my daughter before my grandchild is born. It is the strangest feeling I've ever had. A mix of selfishness of having to share my daughter's affections and over the top excitement to have a new member of our family to love. It's all so weird. Did any of you Grandmas have these feelings? Are they normal?
The next time I go up there, it will be for the birth. Timing it right is going to be a nightmare! But we'll figure it out. There is a few last minute things to finish in the nursery, like buying the crib, and carrying it up a flight of stairs, and putting it together! Hopefully, we'll have enough energy for a few shopping trips (love the no tax thing). We might even have an afternoon with no rain! If we do make it to the Indie Show, I will post plenty of pictures. 
Got to run, see you in a few days!


Pat said...

I have just found you through Link Love - its a lovely blog you have!

debi said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!