Thursday, February 25, 2010

I promise this ends well!

Finally, a bright sunny day in Sacramento. I had been putting off an errand, about an hour away, long enough. So I set out, didn't get 5 miles from my house, on a busy street, when I watched a golden lab run out and get hit by the car in front of me! I call 911 (3) times before I got through ( Isn't that a great thought!) I told them what happened and they said they would try to get animal control out....right.....The dog was BIG, and I wasn't sure if she would want me to touch her, so I just stayed near talking, ready to pounce on her if she were to run in the street again, and waited. Finally a man stopped and being braver than me, looked at the tags and called the owner. Another military (YAY!) lady stopped and we were all able to get the dog on a sheet I had in my trunk and get the poor dog to the vet. Thankfully, I think the dog will be ok. Just makes me furious that the guy that hit her didn't stop and at least 300 cars passed us by before Dan stopped to help. Thank you, Dan and the military lady!!!!!! It was a shaky trip up the hill after that, but I got home safe and sound. I'm glad I chose errands to see a few good guys in action!

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