Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks for the Pictures, Tom!

My son has been taking some interesting pictures, lately, with his cell phone. He has spent the last few weekends exploring San Fransisco, by land AND by sea! Thanks, sweetie, for letting me share these (and show off my handsome son!):



Thank goodness someone is doing something interesting around here! After my very taxing, (doing the taxes) weekend, I had nothing...... Thanks Tommy!!


Anonymous said...

Your son has amazing talent! Those photos are outstanding! Wow, another thing we have in common! I have a teenage son too! He's a senior in high school.

Lori said...

We must have been separated at birth! I'm going to publish a few pictures my daughter took recently. lol.

The pictures are great. Isn't it amazing the pictures that you can take on a cell phone???