Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Evolution of a neglected yard

First you buy a new home. Then you spend ALOT of time gardening and create a beautiful space to enjoy.

Then you go to work full time and let the yard go:

Next step, you get too old and tired to do anything about it and hire a landscaper!

Voila! Once again - a beautiful space to enjoy!!! Thank you , Zaharis Landscaping, for all your hard work!! No more hiding places for the skunks and raccoons. It looks like a park, doesn't it? Thank you, thank you!!


cabin + cub said...

oh it's pretty! yay! you get your yard back!

Lori said...

This looks amazing! Have fun adding flowers! :)

Annette said...

Your before pics look like my back yard! I think I need to break down and pay someone to do the work I can no longer do!