Monday, May 31, 2010

Precious Declaration ROCKS!!!!

                                                      (my son on the right)
I'm the biggest fan!! Ok, so I'm also the Mom....but they were really good! It's been awhile since my son has been in a band, "Precious Declaration" is brand new and they had their first gig on Saturday nite at the Powerhouse in Folsom, CA. Somehow my friends and I snagged a personal tour of this huge place (by the sound man),  filled with memorabilia , a maze of inside and outside bars and rooms that went on forever. Very fun! It was great to see my son singing and playing his guitar again. The best part is, I don't have to drag him around the countryside to his band practices like the old days!! I think he was about 10 when he started playing...
 So, here's luck to you Precious Declaration!! Rock on!! Next week: Folsom Hotel.

 Here's to a great Memorial Day!!!


Ana Patricia said...

Im curious about their sound. Are they on myspace? :)

debi said...

They do 90's alternative, they are not on myspace, I don't think they have a demo yet.