Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Perfect Little Black Dress

 So last week my friends and I spent the whole day shopping at the most beautiful outdoor mall called "The fountains".  The sales going on were so incredible!!! I found the perfect little black dress, I've been looking for one for YEARS. It was on sale at SWAK, so I tried it on. Well, the straps need to be taken in, needs to be lengthened, and I need to loose at least 5  10 15 (ok, maybe 7 and a spanx) pounds before it will look good, but its PERFECT!!! Naw, it cost too much for something I have to alter that much.......walked away, purchased a little top I can't wear out of the confines of my own home. But it was a good deal!! Then I found out "the dress" was $10.00 less then marked. Walked away....bought some cute new shoes that would look so good with the perfect black dress.

 Three hours later I was still pondering the dress. Good friends as they are, they made me try it on and model it. We all decided, indeed, it WAS the perfect little black dress..hopefully, someday, I will actually be able to wear it!
Aahhh, what a find! After all these years looking, I found the perfect little black dress!! ( for someone shorter, thinner, with a longer torso, and good alteration skills). WHATEVER!!! the shoes fit! And I found a jar of weird, but delicious mandarin-pumpkin marmalade.

 It was a great day of shopping......

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The Hillbilly Housewife said...

You will look great in the shoes at least! I think I might like to try that marmalade. Sounds yummy!